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How my clients have benefited from a formalized recognition strategy

Written by: Tom Nash
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As managers, we sometimes fall in a trap of thinking our recognition strategy is working. From my experience, chances are it’s not fulfilling its potential. That is the realization my clients come to after we help formalize their recognition strategy. 

Show me the facts! Why should I formalize recognition?

In a recognition system, you should offer your employees a formal system to recognize their colleagues for good work. When an employee knows he/she is formally recognized for his/her work, the culture of recognition will be sustained for years, leading to behaviour change, satisfaction, and engagement.

Rodd Wagner, New York Times bestselling author, mentioned in his book Widgets: The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If They’re Real People, that, “Those who anticipate recognition for their future successes feel a greater obligation to work hard, give a higher proportion of their full effort, look for ways to improve the way they do their work, and deliver more of their best ideas to the company”.

Are you reaching the full potential of your recognition strategy?

To find out if you are reaching the full potential of your recognition strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the ability to send recognitions with rewards instantly, anytime, and anywhere?
  • Is it easy for me to make my recognition fun, creative, and meaningful?
  • Can I evaluate the impact recognition has on engagement, performance, and satisfaction?
  • Am I reminded when I haven’t recognized a team member for a long time?
  • Do your colleagues expect to be recognized for the small and big achievements?

I have helped my clients formalize their recognition strategy with amazing results and we can certainly do the same for you.

Tom Nash

Account Development Director, BI WORLDWIDE Canada

Tom has over nine years of experience in account management across a range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, health, finance, insurance, government, retail, and sports. Joining the BIW team in 2015, he works with clients in planning, implementing, and managing effective programs that achieve measurable results.

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