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Employee Recognition

Show appreciation, recognize effort and inspire performance from your entire team.

Motivate. Engage. Inspire.


    Reinforce behaviour aligned with your strategy and company values.


    Recognize frequently to build momentum and enthusiasm.


    Reward excellence, recognize achievement, and create a culture for success.  

Engagement and motivation have evolved, so has our approach.

Over the last decade, much has changed. Four generations are in the workplace. Economic uncertainty remains. Technology and 24/7 connectivity continue to impact how organizations function. 

To capture the attention of your employees, the traditional approach no longer has impact. 

You know your strategy, at BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we know employee engagement.

To inspire and motivate your team to succeed, we know what to do.

Each organization is unique. Grounded in behavioural economics – the science of why we do what we do, we uncover the right approach to communicate, educate, reward and recognize your employees.

What kind of help are you looking for?

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Let’s build a recognition strategy that motivates, rewards, excites and drives the performance of your employees. 

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Service Awards

Loyal teams give to your business in countless ways. Make their service milestones count by giving them recognition that's meaningful.

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Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee engagement is no longer something extra we hope to achieve. It's the key to tapping into your employees’ full potential. 

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Equity and Inclusion

The path to a more equitable and inclusive work culture isn’t always clear. But with inclusion research, recognition, and manager advisor tools, as well as training, behavioural nudges, and progress rewards, we’ll help you move from strategy to action and create real culture change.

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

We'll make sure your EVP shows up everywhere it needs to be, authentically reflecting who you are and what you offer as an employer.

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Manager Engagement

Support your Managers in building recognition into the daily life of your organization, our solutions give them the tools they need.

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Employee Engagement Metrics

The numbers tell the story, our engagement metrics ensure you know that your effort is paying off.

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New Rules of Engagement

We've determined the 12 factors that have the greatest influence on employees’ relationships with their companies. Understanding which of those 12 factors are most important to your employees is critical in developing your employee value proposition.

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