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Manager Engagement

Support your managers in building recognition into the daily life of your organization, our solutions give them the tools they need.

Creating change starts with your leaders.

Those who work with your employees on a day to day basis have a great impact on the success of any recognition program, positive reinforcement is a powerful motivator, and it must be comprehensive and consistent. Your leaders see employee’s performance daily and are key in identifying those who are going the extra mile.

Implementation of a company-wide recognition program can require cultural and systemic shifts particularly if management is accustomed to searching for what is not working rather than rewarding and recognizing those who are modeling the behaviours that are moving your organization forward.

Although it can be a big shift, we provide learning solutions to make it easier for busy managers to embrace, understand, and implement change. We know how valuable your managers' time is and we make it count.

We offer specific eLearning to make it simpler and more efficient for managers to get up to speed on how to build and sustain a culture of recognition – where ever they are, whenever they want. Practical real-world examples and planning strategies bring our material to life.

Now is the time to start, there is no time like the present to engage your managers and spread the positive effects across your organization.

The best way to get started is to get in touch.

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