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Our clients can’t get enough of On The Spot cards

Written by: Tom Nash
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Our clients know first-hand that personal, public, memorable, and meaningful recognition is the most effective form of praise. On The Spot (OTS) cards do just that.  

OTS cards


What are OTS cards?

OTS cards are branded physical cards preloaded with Award Points. It's a fun, quick, and easy way to reinforce behaviours and recognize accomplishments effectively. So why do our clients love them so much?



Personally reward behaviour immediately

Sincere, timely recognition given face-to-face is a gift that employees are thankful for and often cited as a key reason for being engaged due to how memorable it is.

Public in nature

Recognizing and rewarding key behaviours publically encourages other colleagues in your team to perform the same behaviour.

Points-based tangible award

Points-based rewards are more effective at changing behaviour and lifting performance as they have real and memorable value. Click here to find out more.


Give it your own personal touch with the option of designing your own creative to suit your company brand guidelines.

Redeem Award Points on the Merchandise and Experiences  Marketplaces

Participants simply scratch off the serial number and enter it on the platform for the Award Points to be deposited into their account instantly.

Showcase your commitment to the team

Making sure your employees know they are valued and appreciated shows them that you really care about their success.


Tom Nash

Account Development Director, BI WORLDWIDE Canada

Tom has over nine years of experience in account management across a range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, health, finance, insurance, government, retail, and sports. Joining the BIW team in 2015, he works with clients in planning, implementing, and managing effective programs that achieve measurable results.