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Creating an Effective Global Recognition Program

A Fortune 500 technology company had undergone substantial changes in recent years, including several in leadership. These changes resulted in dramatic decreases in employee morale and confidence in the company's direction and outlook.




Discover how BI WORLDWIDE used innovative technology and applied decades of employee engagement experience to design and launch a comprehensive global recognition program.


The company realized that a renewed focus on its employees was critical to its turnaround strategy, so they turned to BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) to design and implement a new best-in-class recognition program for its 300,000 employees around the globe.


Engage nearly 300,000 employees, including more than 22,000 managers, in more than 100 countries utilizing a single, global recognition platform.


BI WORLDWIDE designed and launched a comprehensive global recognition program including:

  • Organization-to-employee recognition
  • Manager-to-employee recognition
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Service anniversary recognition and awards
  • Retirement recognition and awards
  • Referral awards
  • Wellness awards



 In the first eight months of the program:

  • Nearly 75% of employees participated in the program
  • More than 70% of eligible employees received at least one type of recognition
  • 90% of managers sent nearly 310,000 recognitions to nearly 175,000 employees (61% of the eligible population)
  • More than 225,000 peer-to-peer recognitions were sent
  • 31,000 employees received a service anniversary award
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