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DayMaker Service Awards Program

Loyal employees have a tremendous impact on an organization’s culture and success. We appreciate the value they bring. Our service award solutions help businesses find innovative, meaningful ways to recognize employees for their ongoing investment in time and energy to move their company ahead.

For when "thanks" just isn’t enough.

Service awards have a much bigger impact than recognizing an individual employee for their length of service with the company. Done well, length of service awards send a strong message to the entire organization: your commitment matters here.

At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we create customized service anniversary programs that speak directly to your employees.

What sets them apart? We employ world-class technology platforms to elevate the way you recognize and reward your team members around the country or the globe.

DayMaker Service Awards

DayMaker Service Awards is a revolutionizing new recognition solution that is easy to use, fosters inspirational milestone experiences, and flexible to accommodate program dynamics over time.

It was built to engage managers with their employee milestones and reinforce an organization’s employee value proposition. It works, because:

It’s different

DayMaker Service Awards is unlike any other service anniversary solution in the market. It features:

  • Personalized celebrations
  • Next-generation of social
  • Manager engagement tools
  • Points or plateau awards
  • Program dashboard
  • Accessibility WCAG 2.0 compliant

It’s personalizable

A Celebration Page lets you select from a library of recognition features to personalize the recipient’s service anniversary award experience.

Here's what it includes:

Celebration pages mean more than you know. You have to be on the receiving end of it to truly understand but it’s no wonder that so many recipients take advantage of the opportunity to print it so they can save it or display it. We also make it easy for them to send a “thank you” message to everyone who contributed.

When it comes to long service awards, our service and breadth of selection are beyond comparison. In addition to the largest collection of brand-name merchandise in the rewards industry, we source enticing, culturally relevant products from around the globe. That means that whether your team is in one city, country or thousands of kilometres away, they’ll realize how much their effort and commitment is appreciated.

Let’s show your team members how much their loyalty means to you.

Celebrate. Recognize. Reward.

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