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Renew Your Service Anniversary Program with DayMaker Service Awards

Contrary to what some industry “insiders” may say, many of today’s service awards programs are transforming and evolving tremendously.

When executed to their full potential, effective service anniversary programs have never been more impactful to those employees being celebrated. (Think meaningful recognition experiences and rewards that inspire loyalty and performance, and seamless integration with other employee recognition initiatives.)

All of these exciting program enhancements are giving employers more effective and engaging tools to recognize employees for their years of service. In return, these organizations are experiencing higher retention rates, employee productivity levels, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Because there has been a tremendous change in the service anniversary industry over the past several years, programs vary greatly from organization to organization.

Our new years of service awards program, DayMaker Service Awards, was specifically designed to address six of the biggest problems most commonly found in service anniversary award programs:

  1. Lack of manager engagement
  2. Stale award collection
  3. Limited access to the program website
  4. Declining award redemption rates
  5. Low program satisfaction scores
  6. Inadequate reporting access/information

Prior to developing DayMaker Service Awards, we asked both our customers and our associates what they wanted from a service anniversary experience. Here are some examples of the feedback we received:

Customer Feedback = Enhancements

  • The ability to edit a comment after it has been posted
  • A personal message/signature from a senior leader
  • The ability to save or print the entire service award celebration page as a keepsake
  • The ability to submit a posting even after the recipient’s award date
  • The ability to comment on a congratulatory post and tag onto comments posted by others
  • The ability for managers to receive only one notification email
  • An easy one-click way to say “congrats” and ability to draw your recognition posting
  • Manager notifications with presentation best practices included
  • Access to the coolest new merchandise and experience offerings

All of the above, plus additional differentiators have all been incorporated into DayMaker Service Awards to make it unlike any other service anniversary solution in the market!

Seamless Integration

DayMaker Service Awards offers optional integration with our DayMaker recognition site. When combined, this all-in-one system offers a seamless participant experience to facilitate peer-to-peer recognition, manager-to-employee recognition, award redemption, and milestone celebrations.

To learn more about this new exciting new recognition offering, email us at

Let’s create meaningful milestone celebrations that inspire your employees to love what they do and the brand they do it for.

Celebrate. Recognize. Reward.

Let's work together to refresh your service awards program.

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