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Customer Loyalty

Successful customer loyalty requires a truly unique point of view. We focus on driving desired behaviours, optimizing each phase and cultivating real emotional loyalty — no matter what lifecycle stage your customers are in.

We transform customer loyalty into lifecycle optimization.


    Awareness. Consideration. Trial. Start sowing critical seeds of loyalty.


    Continuity. Onboarding. Growth. Drive the desired behaviours of your most profitable customers.


    Cultivation. Recognition. Retention. Migrate from transactions to relationships.


    Affinity. Collaboration. Advocacy. Facilitate social engagement and advocacy.

We’re with your customers every step of the way.

Successful brands focus on the entire customer lifecycle. That’s how we operate. Our solutions drive behaviour change at every stage — from generating initial attention, to encouraging repeat trial, to becoming a vocal brand ambassador. 

At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we partner with you to earn your customers’ loyalty. Typically programs that focus on points or miles get stuck somewhere between step two (develop) and step three (retain). Our approach is different. We prioritize comprehensive lifecycle optimization that efficiently moves the customer through the final phase (amplify). And it doesn’t stop there. We think of it as a continuous cycle, so even if a customer reaches the amplify stage on one product, we can start them over again with another.

Let’s focus on true, lasting engagement, starting with the very first impression.

What kind of help are you looking for?

Experiential Marketing

Are you ready to turn your potential audience into passionate brand ambassadors? All it takes is a memorable encounter and an emotional connection with your brand. We’ll make it happen.

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Interactive Promotions

Customer’s participation in branded games, sweepstakes and contests, makes you the winner!

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Loyalty Marketing

Customer loyalty is what every brand strives to achieve, in reality the relationship is a lifecycle. We partner with you to optimize each and every phase.   

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Partnership Marketing

The company you keep can put your marketing efforts into overdrive.   

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