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Rewards and Recognition

Recognizing employees through rewards is one of the keys to successful employee motivation.

When you recognize and reward your employees they:

  • Are more productive
  • Want to come to work
  • Are more likely to refer friends and family
  • Are safer on the job
  • Become company evangelists
  • Help increase sales
  • Are more likely to be retained
  • Provide a great customer experience and create loyal customers


What does real motivation look like?

Personal. Memorable. Impactful. Unique.

This just scratches the surface of the key elements behind truly transformative employee recognition and reward programs. While offering any type of reward is sure to produce results, there are certain types of awards that are more effective at inspiring performance than others.

The extrinsic rewards efficacy of employee recognition rewards:

People aren’t motivated by what they think they needThey’re motivated by what they want.

Employee recognition rewards reconsumption model

The closer the award is to something your employee wants compared to what they need, the more likely it is to emotionally engage them in the employee rewards program. The farther away the award gets from money – like an experience – the more lasting the impression the award has on the employee and the more credit the employee gives their employer for the award.

“Money, as it turns out, is very often the most expensive way to motivate people.”

Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational

Rewards Reimagined.

That’s why cash doesn’t work as well as you might think. Real, ongoing motivation comes from offering the right rewards in the right place at the right time. It’s about giving your employees the freedom to choose what’s most desirable to them.

Some people want to indulge in an experience they’ve been dreaming about but haven’t gotten the chance to try. Others want to pick out a meaningful gift for someone or splurge on a high-end brand they wouldn’t normally buy themselves.

The trick: offer tangible, aspirational rewards your employees will think about. Talk about. And want to re-live, over and over again.

That’s where we come in. Our approach is to offer a broad assortment of award types – all under one roof.

We offer tickets to more than 2+ million events and concerts around the world. We have merchandise catalogues in 190 countries. We have a virtually unlimited travel offering with airlines, hotels, rental cars, cruise ships, tours and transfers, and special packages to make your employees dream vacation come true.

And we work with our clients to determine the optimal collection for their employees.

It’s our job to understand what makes your business unique and determine the optimal collection for their employees.

No one has a deeper understanding of employee motivation. No one has a more thoughtful, varied suite of available awards. And no one has better global support to ensure that your program is meticulously designed and executed, no matter where your employees are.

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