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Service Anniversary Awards

Recognize and reward employees for their commitment over the years in the most personalized way ever.

Revolutionizing your employee service anniversary awards experience.

Service anniversary awards help recognize employees for their years of service. Your long-standing employees are your most valuable resource and they help to keep your organization running. Research has shown that service anniversary awards programs have a significant impact on employee engagement, subsequently building employee morale and improving loyalty to your company. A well-embraced service anniversary awards program is an important piece of the puzzle for any organization, large or small, that wants to retain its key talent.

BI WORLDWIDE Canada creates personalized service anniversary experiences for your employees that deliver much more than just a “thank you” from the organization. We know that employees want to feel connected to their managers, and want to know that they’ve made an impact on the company. Our technology solutions make it easy for your teams (many who may work across countries or continents) to contribute to milestones. We’re able to offer the same experience for all employees whether in the office or on the road.

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