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Warehouse Windfall VR

Take rewards and sales incentives for top performers to the next level with Warehouse Windfall Virtual Reality (VR). Motivate your sales force with the opportunity to earn a once-in-a-lifetime run through a virtual reality warehouse packed full of high-end merchandise.

Unreal experience. Real rewards.

Windfall VR extends BI WORLDWIDE’s traditional Warehouse Windfall model used to reward top performers with a VIP trip that culminates in the ultimate shopping spree in a private warehouse packed full of high-end merchandise.

With Windfall VR, we can bring the warehouse to you! Windfall VR gives top performers the opportunity to run through a virtual warehouse and “grab” as much sought-after merchandise like Apple products, Beats, and Cuisinart as possible in a thrilling virtual world, all from whatever location they choose.

Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Exercise total control over the budget
  • Customize and brand the virtual environment
  • Record and live stream winner experiences to build excitement
  • Recognize a second tier of earners

Windfall VR is fast-paced and high-energy. The recognition experience extends far beyond the event itself – the buzz starts the minute the Windfall is announced and continues to when the earners share their experience following the event.

There's no better way to recognize your sales force than with an immersive, portable, flexible, and outrageously cool opportunity to run through a virtual warehouse filled with everything they could ever want (and absolutely nothing they "need").

When it comes to employee reward programs, this one’s untouchable.

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