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V3: Virtual Sales Training Competition

All the inspiration and competitive energy of a live sales competition, without the cost and logistics.

Ever been to a live stand-up or “walk-around” competition? The energy is electric. Participants work to master the art of a persuasive pitch, perfecting their talk tracks and skills while finding compelling ways to highlight key features and benefits.

The problem: The logistics, time, and expense of conducting live competitions can sometimes be prohibitive.

The solution: V3, a proprietary platform from BI WORLDWIDE Canada.

V3: your Voice, your View, your Vote

V3 is an online portal that harnesses the key elements of a live sales competition: presentations, judging, and reporting. V3 is designed to maximize value and sustained engagement in skills competitions, while minimizing the cost and logistics associated with live competitions.

Can virtual sales competitions really be effective? Consider this.

Here’s how V3 works:


Participants work on learning key features and benefits of the new product or process you want them to know about. Then instead of simply taking a quiz to show completion of a training course, they’re asked to practice and demonstrate what they’ve learned.


Once they’ve polished their skills, participants take a video of their demonstration and upload it to the V3 platform (Included “how to” tips and technical support help everyone look like a star.)


Videos are evaluated to make sure they meet established criteria, such as branding, length of video, and content that addresses the key features/benefits you want participants to know. All qualifying videos are posted to the Vwebsite, ready to be viewed.


Online judging can be tailored to the level you want (think: local markets, zones, regions, etc.). To encourage consistent and impartial judging, scoring criteria is established to reinforce the key features/benefits you want participants to emphasize.


This doesn’t have to be a winner-takes-all competition. As each phase of judging is completed, you can foster engagement by recognizing and rewarding semi-finalists.


All participants are invited to view the best-of-the-best finalist videos and vote for their favourite. As they watch the top demonstration videos, participants will learn from their peers and model the best practices they see.


Finalists are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Categories of top winners can include popular vote, senior executive’s favourite, and more. Many clients also choose to invite finalists to a national celebration or host one locally to include the entire team.


At every step along the way, Vreporting shows real-time participation, judging, voting, and other data. This allows for a targeted communication campaign throughout the promotion to keep everyone focused and excited.


A video compilation of the “best of” videos feature each key feature/benefit as presented by participants. This video is used as a way to train new associates by learning from their peers.

As more and more people around the globe are opting to do business virtually, V3 presents an opportunity for your sales team to hone the skills that will give them a competitive edge, whether they’re pitching in-person or via a digital presentation to someone on the other side of the globe.

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