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SkillFitness: Sales Force Training Program

Your company’s success is linked to the performance of your sales team — but how do you connect with a team that, by definition, is always on the road? We developed an innovative platform that facilitates on-the-go communication. It’s changing the way sales teams learn, practice and deliver. 

Exceptional performance requires exceptional training.

You want your team out selling – not in the office. If your sales team is hanging around the office, they’re not doing their jobs. If they’re constantly on the road, it’s hard to effectively coach and train them.

SkillFitness from BI WORLDWIDE Canada connects sales managers with their sales force, even when that sales force is on the move.

Here’s how it works: SkillFitness is a mobile-friendly platform that facilitates daily communication and training. Representatives can practice their presentations using their iPads, and then submit their best efforts to their managers for immediate feedback.

You could have your representative’s adlib their presentations in front of potential clients but we think there’s a better way. Iron out the kinks in a no-risk scenario.

The best part is, sales managers won’t have to beg their sales people to engage with SkillFitness. The platform is designed to be irresistibly engaging, with gamification, compelling rewards and social learning support. There’s even an option for a little friendly competition with reps to coach each other.

Knowledge is power; give your sales team the feedback they need to succeed.

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