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Sales Rewards

Our approach to rewards recognizes that choice and the award experience are critical to engagement and motivation. We provide a diverse, compelling selection of experiences and items to engage and motivate your sales team. Understanding the multi-generations and demographics of your target audience allows us to develop an awards selection that’s right for you.

Deliver unforgettable reward experiences.

The best rewards are memorable and create stories for both the giver and the receiver. “We made it!” and “Congratulations!” are perfect endings to the story – but the reality is that everyone starts with a goal. Increased performance. Sales achievement. Behaviour change. 

The science of behavioural economics has proven time and time again that tangible award experiences create a connection between you and your team members that you can’t buy with cash or gift cards. Employees and sales reps like to share their stories with friends, family and the world through social media. And they want things they wouldn’t necessarily buy on a weekly trip to the mall.

An engaging awards strategy isn’t simply about science. It takes frequent communications and reinforcement to connect with your participants on an emotional level. It takes an ongoing commitment to gather data and analyze what works best for your audience.

Our reward strategy is proven daily with clients in a variety of industries and global locations. It is fine-tuned to provide you with the best return on your investment. And it is tested every time someone receives his or her award – with a level of service that rivals anyone.

If you were a top performer achieving your goals how would you celebrate? What would make you continue to reach higher? What do you imagine yourself achieving? You would want to make a choice that is relevant to you. The range of award options is almost unlimited:

  • Experience Marketplace featuring direct online booking of airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and tours
  • Gear to Go to outfit your adventure across town or across the globe
  • Stay at Home with a houseful of appliances, electronics, and more
  • Retail Favourites from the best brands around 
  • Digital Downloads including millions of songs, movie tickets, books and events

We'll work together to create the perfect sales reward package for your teams. The options are unlimited, from zip-lining in the rainforest, kicking back in a man cave or following the fashions in Paris. No matter where you want to go, we can make your awards strategy a reality.

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