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Proving rewards drive performance

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE Canada (BIW) helped a leading point-of-sale financing provider to drive lift in dollars financed by introducing tangible rewards instead of cash incentives.

GoalQuest is the world’s leading short-term sales incentive program that uses the impact of self-selected goals designed to drive productivity throughout the entire sales force.


Drive lift in dollars financed and better manage the cost of dealer incentives using tangible rewards.


BIW designed and operated a 90-day sales incentive for 200 channel partners using GoalQuest’s sales incentive structure.


  • Goal selection: 42% of participants selected the most aggressive goal, goal level 3, compared to GoalQuest’s historical average of 41%*.
  • Achievement: 47% of participants achieved goal level 3 – 5% above the enrollment estimate.
  • Participants vs. control group: Participants who selected a goal delivered a sales lift of 49% over their baseline. Those who did not select a goal delivered a sales lift of 11% over their baseline.
  • Incremental lift: 56% of the audience performed over their
  • Return on investment: GoalQuest delivered a sales lift of $57.3MM with a program ROI of 15:1.

*based on historical benchmark data from 1,200 completed GoalQuest programs by 1,200,000+ participants as of January 2021

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In the highly regulated financial industry, our world-renowned strategies are designed for to-the-letter compliance with extraordinary results for banks, insurance agencies, investment houses, financial advisors, analysts, investment managers, and brokers.

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