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Strategic incentive programs for the finance industry

The numbers don’t lie. We are trusted by major financial organizations to drive top-tier employee performance from talent acquisition through retirement.

Performance you can count on

Whether engaging a single sales rep or transforming the culture of a global organization, our approach is the same: inspire people and deliver results with proven strategies.

Here’s what we can handle for you:


  • Recruiting, training, and onboarding of new employees

  • New customer acquisition

  • Incentive programs for cross-selling and upselling

  • Customer education

  • Employee learning

  • Assisting managers with coaching and results-based team recognition

  • Process improvement and behaviour change based on your unique KPIs

  • Driving efficiencies and cutting costs through a unified ecosystem and platform

  • Banks

  • Insurance Agencies

  • Investment Houses

The smartest investment you’ll make this year

We’re industry pioneers who leverage proven incentive structures backed by the science of behavioural economics.

In the highly regulated financial industry, our world-renowned strategies are designed for to-the-letter compliance with extraordinary results for banks, insurance agencies, investment houses, financial advisors, analysts, investment managers, and brokers.

We tailor customized programs to engage, onboard, educate, inspire, certify, recognize, and motivate your team with integrated solutions including:

Results-based recognition

We provide a hybrid approach to employee recognition (qualitative behaviour change initiatives) and results-driven incentives (quantitative results-driven programs). In the highly regulated financial industry, our programs drive results while remaining compliant. Our approach avoids transactional payouts while focusing on long-term customer relationship development. Here, expanding portfolios for the betterment of business profitability and individual consumer gains create a win-win strategy for financial institutions in the B2B and B2C verticals.

Recruiting and onboarding

As businesses navigate the widespread movement in which large numbers of people are leaving their jobs, opportunities abound for hiring world-class talent and retaining tenured banking professionals. We provide programs that celebrate essential milestones across the employee lifecycle. We believe the employee lifecycle starts in the recruiting process and carries through retirement. By linking the recruiting function with employee training, milestone recognition, rewards for achievement, gathering to support organizational culture and the results educated bankers can help produce for their customers, our programs become self-funded by producing measuring results.

Culture-based strategies

Where employee recognition and reward programs were once viewed as a transactional line item that celebrated only a few employees across the enterprise, we design programs that touch all employees at every level of tenure. We engage employees through recognition of above-and-beyond achievement and supporting their peers. Managers are given access to audience-smart technology that helps self-design programs specific to their department that is trackable to ensure budgets are allocated across the employee base aligned with organizational objectives.

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