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Employee Wellness Programs

Wellness is essential to employee success. We help you incorporate wellness initiatives into an overall employee reward and recognition strategy seamlessly.

Without health, nothing else matters.

Experts in employee engagement have learned that that wellness is an integral part of employee engagement and is no longer separate from your employee’s individual wellness initiatives.

It’s not just about having an exercise routine, it’s holistic. It’s about improving overall health, sharpening focus and increasing energy. The fact is that a healthy team reduces health care costs for the organization — that’s simply a bonus.

At BI WORLDWIDE Canada we use the principles of behavioural economics to align the right rewards, right guidelines and right communications in order to drive behaviour change.

And we’re not talking about specific diets and extreme exercise regimes, either. Our philosophy focuses on engagement via awareness, fun, encouragement and support — not on penalties. Your employees will embrace wellness initiatives that they enjoy.

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