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Beyond engagement: How Change Healthcare inspires their employees

At Change Healthcare, they have a goal to help each employee find their inspiration. In addition to offering career paths that make a difference in transforming healthcare, they have created a robust strategy to recognize and reward the contributions employees make. Watch this webinar to learn how this organization of over 14,000 employees has successfully encouraged a culture of collaboration, recognition, wellness, and a focus on specific initiatives to drive results.

Sherri Reynolds, Global Vice President of Compensation at Change Healthcare, will share the many levers they use to attract and retain inspired employees, such as: 

  • Peer-to-peer and manager discretionary recognition  
  • Service anniversary celebrations 
  • Custom programs to drive specific activity 
  • Wellness 
  • Gamification
  • Rewards 

About our speaker:

Sherri Reynolds is the Global Vice President of Compensation at Change Healthcare, where she is accountable for the entire Compensation function. Prior to her position at Change Healthcare, Sherri was with the Coca-Cola Company for 10 years in several roles and at UPS for 19 years prior to that. Sherri’s career has progressed from sales to sales leadership to sales training and ultimately to sales compensation and operations, which led her into her current area of expertise. 

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