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Sweepstakes and Contests

Our approach to sweepstakes and contests is to engage your target audience on the platform of their choice. That means increased participation, stronger engagement and real results.

Expertise from the fine print to the final prize.

Social media continues to impact the way companies interact with their customers. Create a connection between your brand and customers through sweepstakes or contests that promote awareness, extended engagement and positive associations.

Over and over, we see companies making a dedicated effort to “get on” social media, but they make the mistake of limiting their presence to one site and miss connecting with their audience. Social media participation is highly preference-oriented. Select the wrong platform and risk missing your target demographic entirely. Our interactive promotions team has extensive experience designing and deploying targeted online sweepstakes across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. This cross-platform, integrated approach generates more participants, more interaction and engagement.

Our comprehensive working knowledge of contests and sweepstakes spans the full spectrum, from creative design and marketing to the minute details. We’ve drafted rules and regulations for a diverse array of businesses, including those in highly regulated industries. Our team is regularly called upon to consult with a company’s in-house legal teams and we’re well versed with requirements for bonding and registration of “game of chance” promotions.

One of the most compelling points of social media is the capacity for exponential awareness. When one person enters your sweepstakes, others see it, too. This secondary, passive marketing angle is extraordinarily powerful, and we know how to make it work for you.

Let’s leverage the power of social connections to create a winning campaign.

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