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Experiential Marketing

Are you ready to turn your potential audience into passionate brand ambassadors? All it takes is a memorable encounter and an emotional connection with your brand. We’ll make it happen.

Connecting brands to consumers, one memorable event at a time.

Your audience is savvy. Attention spans are becoming shorter. They’re zipping through commercials and growing cynical about promotions.

Don’t give up. Evolve your approach.

That’s where we come in. At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we go beyond typical marketing strategies to authentically engage consumers. It’s not just about awareness of your brand; it’s about a connection with your brand.

Experiential Marketing combines culture and trends to facilitate a personalized, one-to-one interaction between brands and consumers.

Engage them on their terms: where they live, work and play. We don’t ask for something from them; rather, we add value to their daily lives. This approach transforms consumers from passive marketing “targets” to passionate advocates who look for your brand, request it by name and share their enthusiasm with others.

How’s it done? Through the creation of unforgettable experiences with PR stunts and events, 3D mapped projection, mobile tours, sponsorship activation, pop-up retail, street teams and much more. We are always learning and adapting to find the most engaging tactics.  

Engage them with something to talk about.  

See how we created the retirement tour of a lifetime for Delta’s 747.

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