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Customer Loyalty Marketing

Customer loyalty is what every brand strives to achieve, in reality the relationship is a lifecycle. We partner with you to market and optimize each and every phase.   

Let’s rethink loyalty. Together.

Leading loyalty programs turn potential customers into repeat customers and current customers into vocal brand champions.

At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we create the very best loyalty programs. Our difference is that we approach loyalty as an entire lifecycle. Many times, loyalty benefits are only extended to your best customers.

But what is the impact when you engage people who haven’t even purchased your brand? What does it mean to treat all consumers like your best customer?

Our team has the knowledge and experience to optimize the phases of the customer lifecycle, cultivating loyalty from beginning to end. Our expertise in cross-channel ecosystems and behavioural economics formulates effective loyalty programs that speak directly to your customers, amplify the sales process and maximize ROI. Our industry-leading lifecycle marketing platform, Quantum360, brings the programs to life and delivers rapid, measurable results.

Available as a module within Quantum360 or a standalone platform, Block Unlock compels audiences to complete behaviours unlock blocks, and progress within a fun and enticing user experience.

Launching a loyalty program is only the beginning. When the program goes live, we initiate advanced analytics to track impact so we can continually evolve and magnify the impact and results.

Let’s give your customers more reasons to come back, again and again.

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