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WE2ME: Travel Incentives Program

Undoubtedly, travel is the ultimate motivator. And no one knows travel incentives like we do. It all comes down to behavioural economics: Travel is vivid, memorable, brag-worthy, and highly emotional and rewarding.

Group travel program participants dream of exotic getaways throughout the year and they increase their work efforts to exceed their targets in order to qualify for the ultimate reward. But what they don’t dream of is endless business meetings or mandatory functions that often come with group travel incentives.

Celebrate as a group. Be rewarded as an individual.

The most effective travel incentive programs allow participants to choose their own destination, dates, and travel pals on their own timeline. Introducing WE2ME from the incentive travel experts at BI WORLDWIDE. WE2ME is the ultimate reward that offers the best of both worlds. WE2ME lets you:

  • Bring your top performers together to recognize and celebrate their success
  • Send them off for a personal reward experience
  • Include “fan-out” destinations that are curated to individual interests, i.e. beachgoers, adventurists, foodies, shopping lovers, etc.
  • Give your employees time on their own, while still fulfilling corporate’s desire for “together time”
  • Save on costs due to the individual portion of the trip

From a travel reward study of 500 sales associates aged between 21 and 65 years old who work for organizations larger than 500, representing five industry sectors, BI WORLDWIDE concluded that 85 percent of employees surveyed want more choice when it comes to destinations and 84 percent of participants don’t have an interest in business meetings or mandatory functions being part of their group travel experience.

Group Celebration (WE):

WE lets you bring your top performers together in one place, at one time, to recognize and celebrate their success, while engraving the corporate fingerprint on the experience. The group celebration destination could be, for example, a 5-star beachfront hotel in Orange County, California.

Fan-Out Locations (ME):

Once group celebrations have concluded, ME gives reward earners the opportunity to visit fan-out locations where they can choose their own activities on their own time, whether it be catching waves at Huntington beach, strolling down Rodeo Drive or enjoying a round of golf at Pebble Beach.

WE2ME ultimately gives reward earners the privilege of choice that simply adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the incentive trip, while positively impacting your bottom line.

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