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Rewards Adventure

This gaming rewards experience allows you to recognize and reward top performers wherever they are located in a unique, energetic atmosphere.

The power of gaming + rewards

Rewards Adventure is an online incentive video game designed to motivate, inspire and honour top performers. When you need an alternative to gather in person, Rewards Adventure brings the celebration to you.

How does it work?

Playing just like popular gaming platforms, winners will enter an island maze and get an allotted amount of time to run around this adventurous world to “grab” as many awards or points as possible.

Participating winners will receive a map and award list to strategize their route ahead of time, before being transported into this rewarding world.

Each participant also completes a learning tutorial and practice round in the maze, where an expert team of staff help them become comfortable with the game controls and navigating their desired rewards route.

When it’s time for the live event, friends, family and coworkers can watch, interact and cheer the winner on as they race around collecting awards!

Rewards Adventure

Learn how Rewards Adventure can motivate, inspire, and honour top performers.

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