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Retail industry solutions

We are experts in behaviour change with proven results to help retailers — from brick and mortar to digital development — expand their omnichannel customer base and inspire their employees throughout the organization.

  • Retail sales

    We help build incentive programs for retail key performance indicators (KPIs), omnichannel engagement strategies, customer loyalty, experiential marketing, and more.

  • Wholesale loyalty

    Check out our robust channel solutions and build business-to-business (B2B) return on investment (ROI) with audience segmentation, targeted content, reward solutions and social engagement.

  • Distribution centres

    We help our clients engage deskless workers, build gamified goal structures and train employees to improve efficiencies and boost output while keeping costs on target.

  • Onboarding and recruitment

    Whether you're looking for your next Chief Logistics Officer or hiring for the seasonal rush, we help human resource (HR) departments recruit, onboard, and retain top talent.

  • Learning development and training

    From training events and curriculum development to virtual learning environments that scale with our clients, we build learning solutions that inspire results. Because engagement drives performance and learning drives engagement.

The retail environment can be complex, handling multiple audience types that can be both captive and non-captive. BI WORLDWIDE Canada (BIW) is uniquely situated to engage, grow, and make gains in all segments of your business. We are experts on behaviour change with proven results to help you exceed KPIs throughout your omnichannel strategies. We customize our strategies to engage, onboard, educate, inspire, recognize, and motivate the audience that matters the most to you, to turn a complex environment simple.

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