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Accelerating luxury sedan sales using a sales incentive travel program


This luxury automotive manufacturer had been experiencing a drop in sedan sales as customers shifted attention toward sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and trucks.  


The market was still ripe — it just required fresh focus — so the automotive manufacturer asked BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) to help reignite their luxury sedan sales. Together we designed a sales incentive travel program that addressed their challenges in a simple, affordable, and highly effective way.

So effective, in fact, that over the next five months, not only did sales go up by 250%, but they also stayed up — even after the program ended.


  • 15,000 sedans were sold compared to 2,000 in the two months leading up to the program
  • Monthly sales increased by 250%
  • Sales doubled two months post-program compared to what they were two months pre-program
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