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Why learning is trending in the workplace

Written by: Abbe McCabe
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Albert Einstein is often credited with saying, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Lifelong learning does remarkable things for our brains. Research has found that learning keeps brain cells working at optimum levels, which may slow cognitive and memory decline as we age1. The best part is learning can come in multiple forms. As long as we acquire new knowledge, we’re keeping our brain healthier. keeping our brain healthier.

Technology and business today are evolving so quickly that people need to sharpen their skills to stay relevant. In fact, 50% of the workforce will need to be upskilled or reskilled by 20252.

Employees want to learn, gaining the tools they need for their current job and future growth. The more opportunity they have to develop their skills, the more likely they are to feel they belong at their organization.

BI WORLDWIDE’s New Rules of Engagement® Study 2023 found that 9 in 10 employees who state their job allows them to master the skills important to them feel like they belong at their organization.

Creating a culture of learning goes beyond offering the right curriculum. Recognizing creativity, innovation and risk-taking reinforces those values and encourages employees to strive to keep learning.

BI WORLDWIDE Canada’s goal is to inspire the people who impact your business with the most innovative and motivating rewards possible. In addition to our Merchandise and Experiences marketplaces, a new Mastery Marketplace gives employees, salespeople, and channel partners the opportunity to upskill, try something new or dive deeper into their passions.





Upskill.png Upskill


Content designed to help everyone gain the skills needed to excel in their current role or prepare for the one they want.


PersonalDevelopment.png Personal Development


Online classes taught by the world’s best, designed to satisfy the natural curiosity of lifelong learners in categories such as business, writing, food, arts and entertainment, etc.


Music.png Music


An alliance of the leading online music education companies from around the world offers lessons from master musicians for everything from mandolin, and piano to electronic music production.


Language.png Language


Offering 61 languages from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, tailored to different learning styles; whether participants like a traditional approach, practicing on-the-go, lessons specific to kids or interacting in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment.


Wellness.png Wellness


From online personal training and yoga to brain fitness apps based on scientific research. Participants can download the apps to access them anywhere.


The opportunity for employees to learn and grow professionally and personally has always been important in the workplace. Now, it has become table stakes for companies who want to motivate, inspire, and retain their employees.

Kristin Chenoweth says it well: “I’m constantly learning, and that is the greatest gift of life in my opinion - to always be learning and growing.”


Don't just reward. Enrich.

Abbe McCabe

Abbe McCabe

Director of Experiences, BI WORLDWIDE

Abbe started at BI WORLDWIDE 14 years ago. She was promoted to an Account Manager and managed events for a diverse client base, including telecommunications, technology, and automotive industries. Abbe became a Design Director for Event Technology and spent 4 years overseeing Event Technology solutions. She was responsible for research, development and implementation of industry technology to align with the event’s goals and objectives. Abbe is currently Director of Experiences and is responsible for BI WORLDWIDE's Experiences Marketplace. She is developing and leading the way in conversations around experiences that inspire our customer’s participants!

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