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WEBINAR: Live 2.0 | The virtual reinvention of events

Making the leap from live to virtual events doesn’t have to be daunting. Yes, it involves realigning on strategy, a little imagination, and a lot of technical coordination. But the possibilities of what can be delivered virtually are almost endless.

Listen to this 45-minute webinar to explore three examples of live events that were reinvented as virtual experiences:

  • The 31st annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast, focused on philanthropy and community building
  • A pharmaceutical new product launch, using gamification to foster engagement
  • IBM’s Fast Start 2021 tradeshow, including a virtual welcome experience and over 60 expo booths

Though each event had a different purpose, execution and audience, they shared a common goal – to bring people together and drive meaningful results.


Mary Tafuri, VP, Chief Sales Enablement Officer – IBM Global Sales

Olivia Davis, Senior Designer, IBM

David Ledsinger, Creative Director, BI WORLDWIDE


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