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WEBINAR: Goals, grit, and game-changing strategy

Goal setting is a fundamental part of life. Human nature has us constantly striving to do things better or different than how we did them previously. In business, we use goals as a way to measure and improve the performance of our teams and processes.

But setting a goal doesn't always guarantee a result. So how do we set better, more relevant goals and in turn, improve our results?

Watch this webinar to hear best-selling author and goal-setting expert Caroline Adams Miller share:

  • Locke and Latham's goal-setting theory to understand the difference between learning goals and performance goals
  • A revolutionary BRIDGE methodology – brainstorming, relationships, investments, decisions, grit, and excellence – for setting and achieving goals
  • New research about the critical role flourishing, grit, gender differences, and psychological safety play in goal success

You'll also hear from Paul Mora, Head of Global Enterprise and Channel Marketing at Motorola Solutions. Paul will talk about how he continually uses GoalQuest, an incentive structure based on personalized, self-selected goals, to drive sales performance at Motorola.

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