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Sales Incentive Program Realities

Written by: Jaime Cabrera
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What are configurable incentive management platforms

Many companies offer incentives with flat payouts. The same rules and rewards are offered both to the top salesperson, the middle players, and even the rookies, making the goals for most salespeople seem impossible.

A recent study by the Incentive Research foundation showed that top-performing financial services companies tier their sales incentives programs to allow everyone the chance to receive rewards for their efforts.

Top Performer Sales Incentives

What have these firms realized that sets them apart? By motivating beyond top performers and to all levels of performance, will yield the greatest results!

Compensation plans create a bell curve of performance among sales reps… incentives move the middle.

Move the Middle for Sales Results

Move the Middle for Sales Results

Compensation plans do their best to be flexible and adapt to changes throughout the year, but can’t do it all. Sales contests are flexible and can be changed quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily. To keep your sales contests performing at their peak - make sure you're avoiding common misconceptions like "Most of my lift comes from my top performers". It actually doesn't.

As you begin to plan your 2020 sales incentive programs, consider these realities:

  • Maximum sales lift only happens when everyone has a fair chance to earn an award.
  • Offer the widest choice of awards you can and you’ll attract the most interest.
  • Every salesperson wants to succeed and be recognized. The better your incentive rules address the middle players, the harder they’ll try to increase results.

BI WORLDWIDE Canada, a leader in performance improvement for over 60 years, works with the top-performing companies, and our results from over 1,000 programs speak for themselves.

Contact us to begin developing a sales incentive program that fits your unique needs and motivates your sales team.

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Jaime Cabrera

Jaime Cabrera

Business Development Director, BI WORLDWIDE Canada

As Business Development Director at BI WORLDWIDE Canada, Jaime’s primary focus is to gain a deep knowledge of client business objectives and strategic goals and then applying the principles of behavioural economics to create solutions and programs which deliver measurable results and bottom-line impact against those client goals.

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