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Happy Employee Appreciation Day from BI WORLDWIDE Canada

There are countless reasons to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.

Engaged employees have 18% higher productivity, 60% higher-quality work and are 87% less likely to leave an organization!

This Friday, consider sharing one of these eCards with your coworkers or team.

Whether you share them in a text message, email or on-screen in a meeting - there's no wrong way to spread the good vibes and help build a better workplace culture!

Get inspired with these appreciation quotes to say thank you.


From a computer, right-click to save your eCard of choice.

From a mobile device, tap and hold to save the eCard to your camera roll.






Employee Appreciation 2023_Cheese_864.gif

Employee Appreciation 2023_Awesome_864.gif

Employee Appreciation 2023_Flowers_864.jpg

Employee Appreciation 2023_Polaroid_864.gif


Employee Appreciation 2023_Skill_864.jpg

Employee Appreciation 2023_SoGlad_864.jpg



Use these 100 employee appreciation quotes and Employee Appreciation Day messages — along with the above eCards — to let your coworkers or team know how much you appreciate them.


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