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Boehringer Ingelheim Webinar: From reactive to strategic

When it comes to sales incentives, it’s not enough to just have them – they need to be strategic, focused, and inspirational to the specific needs of your sales audience.

Watch this webinar to learn 3 key things to focus on when implementing a best-in-class incentive program.

Hear Boehringer Ingelheim’s story on how they restructured their incentive compensation model to drive their own product and behavioural needs. Through ideation sessions and annual road maps that layered incentives at the local, regional, and national level, Boehringer Ingelheim developed a vision and timeline for a total rewards approach to changing behaviour including inspiring, frequent communications, behaviour-based initiatives, and manager-led behavioural recognition into the mix, Boehringer Ingelheim continues to drive their sales rep engagement initiatives.


Key learning objectives:

  1. The importance of developing specific strategies for engaging sales representatives, including holding ideation sessions to get to the root of the problem before implementing a solution, complementing vs. duplicating their IC Comp and developing annual road maps with focused goals.
  2. Using varied, non-cash incentives to inspire their sales teams which often includes a layered approach by recognizing/rewarding key activities along with on-the-spot recognition to drive the right behaviours. Also offering flexibility for local/regional focused contests.
  3. And finally strong, branded, and frequent communication plans and progress updates to promote better understanding of the goals and the rewards for their efforts.

Learn more about our strategic engagement programs for the life sciences industry.

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