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Engagement Marketing

Our view is that it’s important to treat your employees as well as you treat your clients. We’ll help you engage your teams with personal, immersive experiences that evolve the way you communicate make an impact.

It’s all in the delivery.

Regardless of the message you have for your employees — a new initiative, a policy change, or simply to say thanks for doing what they do — we can help you deliver the message with clarity, creatively, unforgettably.

At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, experiential marketing is a proven strategy for engaging your target audience, but it’s equally compelling for your associates. Authentic employee engagement is critical to managing your day to day and future success. Our experiential marketing solutions accomplish everything from reinforcing simple behaviours to creating the catalyst for significant cultural shift.

Experiential marketing works because it’s personal. It operates in multiple dimensions. It facilitates a deeper, more engaged level of connection.  

Let’s give your employees an experience to remember.

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