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Automotive Case Study: Sales Incentive Program

Discover how we helped a leading North-American based automotive manufacturer to exceed their Fleet vehicle sales targets in just 60 days.

GoalQuest is a world-class sales incentive program that uses the impact of self-selected goals designed to drive productivity throughout the entire sales force.

Move the Middle

GoalQuest’s rules structure inspires the entire salesforce through a unique move the middle approach by motivating the performance of the broader audience, not just top performers. 


Fleet Sales Managers


Exceed aggressive Fleet vehicle sales targets in a competitive end-of-year selling period.


  • Address significant performance variances within the audience by engaging all Fleet Managers, not just top performers.


Using the principles of Behavioural Economics (BE), BI WORLDWIDE Canada designed and operated a 60-day GoalQuest sales incentive involving 154 Fleet Sales Managers. The core components of this program included:

  • Tailored goals: The audience was segmented into 5 groups based on the previous year’s performance. Using the BE principle of idiosyncratic fit, each group’s goal levels—based on their own historical performance—were created to be relevant to the individuals within the group; ambitious yet achievable.
  • Self-selected goals: Incorporating choice architecture, Fleet Managers set their own goals by selecting one of 3 goal levels. Awards for goal levels were varied and reflective of the goal.
  • Manager over-ride: A manager over-ride was implemented to engage and award corporate Regional Managers based on the performance of Fleet Managers within their region.
  • Communications: Weekly progress emails to participants and managers augmented by inspirational emails to participants.


  • Goal selection: 48% of Fleet Managers selected the most aggressive goal, goal level 3, compared to the GoalQuest historical average of 41%*.
  • Achievement: 51% of participants achieved their selected goal. Level 3 had the highest achievement rate at 59%.
  • Incremental lift: 44% of participants exceeded their goal.
  • Participants vs. control group: Participants significantly outperformed the control group by 33.3%.
  • Segment performance: The greatest improvement came from historically low and mid-low performers delivering a sales lift of 174% – reinforcing the impact GoalQuest has on influencing behaviour change across a spectrum of performers.
  • Manager over-ride: The Regional Managers drove engagement by sending reminders and encouraging messages to Fleet Managers – resulting in all Regional Managers achieving their goal.
  • Outcome: The aggressive end-of-year target was exceeded.
  • Return on investment: GoalQuest delivered an ROI of 199%.

Goal Selected vs. Goal Achieved

*based on historical benchmark data from 1,100 completed GoalQuest programs by 1,150,000+ participants as of July 2019

Key Takeaways:

  • 174%


  • 49%


  • 199%


"This incentive structure delivered results. It motivated the right people and awarded them for their performance."

— National Fleet Sales Manager and GoalQuest customer

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Behavioural Economics Principles Used:

Idiosyncratic Fit

People like to believe their situation is unique and they assess their uniqueness by comparing themselves to others.

GoalQuest's incentive structure includes personalized goals and segmented communications, making people feel like the opportunity being presented to them is unique. 

Choice Architecture

Helping people make the best choices by offering limited options.

GoalQuest offers participants three choices. This gives them the power to choose their own risk/rewards comfort zone without being overwhelming.

Goal Gradient Theory

The closer people get to a goal, the more effort they put into meeting it.

GoalQuest’s measurement tools such as progress statements, leaderboards, dashboards, and email communications help participants stay focused on their goals.

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