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LeX: Learning eXchange for Sales and Channel

Scattered information means lost information. Learning eXchange (LeX) streamlines everything your channel partners need to know into one user-friendly portal.

The all-in-one solution that sets your brand apart.

Your channel partners are busy. They are bombarded with information from every brand they represent; they barely have time for a coffee break— let alone being up to date with the latest brand news and the specifics of launch initiatives.

We’ve cut through the clutter to create an all-in-one solution that puts everything your channel partners need at their fingertips. Make learning accessible and easy: LeX.

Forget digging through emails and folders full of handouts and trying to recall login credentials for multiple information management systems.

LeX enables your company to administer and prioritize the information that your channel partners receive. They’ll have access to everything they need and nothing they don’t. And it’s all held in one location with a user-friendly dashboard.

Learners don’t like your Learning Management System?

You’re not alone. LeX is a custom-designed front-end UX to your Learning Management System (LMS). Think “a consumer-quality web experience” and branding you can be proud of. Segmented and organized the way your learners think and work.

Need a whole new LMS as well? We’ve paired LeX with the award-winning élan LMS from Brainier Solutions for numerous clients. We can do it for you, too.

Need more channel impact?

People sell what they know – especially in the channel. Our research proves it. LeX organizes your product, service, and parts learning the way that your channel thinks and works. And it’s as on-brand as your consumer marketing.

LeX uses learning strategically to create channel mindshare - and that translates to marketshare.

What about learning gamification?

LeX features gamification to engage your team and keep them coming back for more. For LeX gamification we team with Bunchball, a division of BI WORLDWIDE. Bunchball’s Nitro™, the world’s most advanced gamification engine and most intuitive design console, engages your learners and provides rich data insights. Embedding Nitro in LeX, we deliver the most battle-tested gamification platform available.

LeX also features animations, video avatars and interactive vignettes to keep the experience new and engaging.

Your partners will seek your brand updates, over and over again.

Let’s focus the information to maximize results.

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