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Channel Smart: Channel Engagement Solution

Want to drive results for your sales channel? This is a game-changer: Channel Smart is a modular channel incentive framework that can help you get serious results from your channel partners. 

Common where possible. Custom where it counts.

Off-the-shelf channel incentive solutions typically cannot handle the nuances of your unique channel, yet fully custom solutions are slow to market and costly to develop from scratch.

Incorporating the most recurring channel marketing requirements in the framework, Channel Smart is specifically designed to combine common base functionality with unique client requirements.


This blending of prebuilt and customized functionality creates the perfect fit for your unique situation and allows channel managers to launch programs that address market conditions in a timely manner.

Read on or download our handy Channel Smart guide to learn if Channel Smart is right for you.

Here's a snapshot of Channel Smart's Incentive Framework

  • Database & Access

    • Defined Access Levels & Job Roles • Audience Smart • Responsive Design • Mobile App • Truly Global

  • Incentive Modules

    • Sales Claims • Single Target • Multiple Targets • Sell X, Get Y

  • Engagement Tools

    • Communications • Content/News • Quizzes • Surveys/Polls • Gamification

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • My Performance • Leaderboards • Management Reporting • Visual Dashboards • Exportable Data

  • Global Rewards Marketplace

    • Luxury Merchandise • DIY Travel Booking • Experiences • Event Tickets

Core Features

With these ten core features, you’ll be able to help your channel partners to reach new heights:

  • brand SMART: Choose from multiple configurable design templates that conform to your brand guidelines, desired messaging, and program structure.
  • audience SMART: Target the right people at the right time to maximize engagement and participation.
  • responsive DESIGN: Access your customized channel incentive platform from any device.
  • mobile APP: For channel partners on the move, give them access to core functionality within the Channel Smart mobile app.
  • rules ENGINE: Adopt pre-developed business logic for the most common channel programs such as “Do this, Get that”; achievement of single or multiple targets.
  • creative COMMUNICATIONUse content MANAGER to develop systematic and creative communications to inform and inspire action from your channel.

  • reporting SUITEGain clear insight into all program and participant activity, creating real-time tracking and analysis.

  • sales CLAIMSGet the flexibility you need to cater to your specific data requirements.

  • engagement TOOLSDrive adoption and other leading metrics and inspire behaviour change, through Channel Smart’s gamification techniques.

  • Global REWARDS MARKETPLACE: Award points earned in channel promotions are redeemed within Channel Smart’s Global Rewards Marketplace.


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