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WEBINAR: Virtual training in a virtual world

The power of contenttiming and delivery

Natalie Hurley and Kyle Groves share how to create engaging and adaptable training programs for employees, sales teams and channel partners.

With the uncertain future of in-person gatherings, there’s been an exponential shift towards virtual training. More than ever, companies are looking for flexible ways to provide learning and development opportunities for their employees, sales teams and channel partners.
While virtual training has always been effective, this resurgence has called for a more strategic approach that provides training using the right method, with the right content, at the right time.
BI WORLDWIDE’s Natalie Hurley, Director of Live & Virtual Learning, and Kyle Groves, Learning Strategy Director, share how to:

  • Create an agile training plan that adapts to environmental changes without compromising quality
  • Engage learners before, during and after a training event to build knowledge and show mastery of skills
  • Connect training initiatives back to overall business objectives and results

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Natalie Hurley

Natalie Hurley

Director, Live & Virtual Learning

Natalie leads a team that is on a mission to craft learning experiences that inspire behaviour change. Her focus is on two things – first: people – second: operations of her workstream. She partners with the Learning Strategy Team to design solutions that dynamically address evolving business needs, leverage innovative approaches, and establish a strategic vision for clients’ training content and delivery needs. She believes in a highly integrated, holistic approach that supports continuous employee engagement. Over the last 5 years, she has been involved in over 100 training initiatives including leading large-scale product launches, re-vamping onboarding programs, designing eLearning courses, and developing instructor-led workshops. It has been her honour to accept two LTEN Industry Partnership Awards on behalf of her team – as well as a Silver Brandon Hall for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training. She has the experience to ask the right questions and understands what it takes to produce desired results.
Kyle Groves

Kyle Groves

Learning Strategy Director

Kyle Groves, Learning Strategy Director, has been in the learning industry for more than 25 years. He began as a Project Manager where he earned his stripes making sure everything happened when it was supposed to and that nothing was overlooked. Next, as an Account Executive, his job was to consult with customers to find their best solution, provide scope definition, pricing, and contract fulfillment. Then, once a project was underway, he communicated big picture ideas and was available to troubleshoot unresolved issues. Now, as Learning Strategy Director Practice Leader for BIW’s Learning & Engagement group, Kyle is particularly adept at looking “outside the box” to explore uncharted opportunities and creative solutions. Having been involved in just about every type of training project, Kyle brings an experienced and fresh perspective to every project, making him a strong partner and a valued team member.

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