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WEBINAR: Creating a connection through virtual events

Dawn Martin, BI WORLDWIDE and Amy Teal, Stratasys share how to successfully shift different types of corporate events from in-person to virtual.

Despite the many changes that have impacted corporate events, one thing remains the same – the need to share your message and create a meaningful connection with your audience. 

In this webinar, Dawn Martin, Vice President of Meetings & Shows at BI WORLDWIDE, will share:

  • Ways to elevate the experience for your virtual event attendees
  • How to shift different types of corporate events from in-person to virtual
  • The unexpected benefits that come from hosting virtual events

You’ll also hear from Amy Teal, Marketing Events Manager at Stratasys, who will share a case study about how they took a fully-planned new product launch and turned it into a successful virtual event in just four short weeks.

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Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin

Vice President, Meetings & Shows
Event Solutions

With over 15 years of experience as a business theatre Executive Producer in New York City and 25 years in Minneapolis, Dawn is known for bringing an acute sense of drama and theatre to major corporate events. She has a unique ability to communicate corporate messages with flair, while keeping productions on time and on budget. Her role as Vice President of Meetings & Shows at BI WORLDWIDE allows her to focus on forming exceptional teams for her customers. Dawn’s global exposure to the talents within the business opens the door to providing fresh ideas combined with solid production skills, amounting to outstanding products.
Amy Teal

Amy Teal

Marketing Events Manager

Amy Teal has always been inspired by events and the various aspects of organizing them - from finding the perfect location, to managing timelines and ultimately creating a memorable experience. In 2014, Amy joined Stratasys selling maintenance contracts and has evolved her career into Marketing Events Manager focused on trade shows, sales meetings, and product launches. In Amy’s free time she enjoys home remodelling projects, travelling, and spending time with friends and family at the lake.

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