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Points vs. gift cards for employees

Our New Rules of Engagement research shows employees who feel their organization’s incentives are exciting are 8x more likely to be inspired at work. But not all rewards drive behaviour change and results.

Gift cards are often seen as a form of cash, whereas points can be used for inspirational rewards like experiences, travel, and merchandise.

Here are 5 stats highlighting the differences between points vs. gift cards for employees.

gift card stats-01.png

gift card stats-03.png

gift card stats-04.png

gift card stats-05.png

gift card stats-07.png


Many companies use gift cards or cash to reward their employees because they are simple, scalable and convenient. But studies show they are often lost or forgotten and, along with that, so are the achievements and behaviours they were rewarding. Consider a points and/or hedonic reward structure for your next sales team incentive or employee motivation program. Inspire your employees and deliver results.



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