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WEBINAR: The making of a virtual event

Hear a behind the scenes discussion with BI WORLDWIDE and Thomson Reuters about the creative process and client perspective needed to execute a memorable virtual event.

The objective of a virtual event is the same as a live meeting – to make sure your audience understands what you want them to leave knowing, feeling, and doing.

In this webinar, Shelly Kulesza, VP of Marketing Strategy-Corporates at Thomson Reuters, and John Penzien, Creative Director at BI WORLDWIDE, will share how Thomson Reuters transitioned from live to virtual events which included:

  • Connecting participants to the message
  • Building in fun along the way
  • Expanding the reach and results

You will experience a fluid discussion that illustrates both the creative process and the client perspective needed to execute a memorable event that delivers results.

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John Penzien

John Penzien

Senior Creative Director

John Penzien is a multi-talented writer, developer, designer, musician, and fine artist with over 25 years of experience in the creative and marketing field. John’s background includes creative direction for Fortune 500 companies in the food, automobile, media, technology, advertising, and healthcare industries. He has worked with top-level executives including CEOs, COOs, EVPs, and SVPs to translate key business messages and strategies to either internal or external audiences through informative, smart and emotionally driven live events. His wealth of experience includes theme and branding development, message consistency, ideation, speech support, video scripting, visual design, animation, interactive, and live performance. He has provided creative vision and direction for Kawasaki, John Deere, Thomson Reuters, Delta Airlines, Medtronic, General Motors, COUNTRY Financial, Western Union, Novartis, Beyond Petroleum (BP), ADP, Microsoft, DIRECTV, Verizon, and more.
Shelly Kulesza

Shelly Kulesza

VP of Marketing Strategy, Thomson Reuters

Marketing professional with 30+ years of experience managing and leading teams to meet and exceed established marketing goals, Shelly Kulesza, currently serves as the VP of Marketing Strategy for the Corporates segment of Thomson Reuters. In her role, she is responsible for designing and executing high performance and successful global marketing strategies that align with business objectives. She is an excellent communicator who employs a customer-driven marketing approach to all programs. She most recently led the transition from live marketing events to virtual and increased the reach of the first event by 223% spanning 5 countries, 36 states, and 170 cities while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction.

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