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WEBINAR: Taking the lead on employee wellbeing

Charlie Heidrick, Ph.D., BI WORLDWIDE and Lianne Jacobs, MPH, Vitality Group to share how leaders can support the health and wellbeing of employees.

Supporting employee wellbeing is challenging even in the best of times. With the disruption businesses have faced in recent months, it’s been even more difficult to know how to create and sustain a work culture that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of employees.

Charlie Heidrick, Ph.D., Research Manager at BI WORLDWIDE, shares:

  • Common challenges employees are facing with the current state of work
  • What contributes most to employee burnout (and surprisingly, it's not about working longer hours)
  • What leaders can do to avoid burnout and reinforce healthy behaviours

Joined by Lianne Jacobs, MPH, Product Analyst at Vitality Group, who discusses how employers can continue to protect employee health and wellbeing as they start to reopen offices and workspaces.

*This webinar is not meant to provide health guidelines for essential workers that are directly exposed to COVID-19.

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Charlie Heidrick

Research Manager, BI WORLDWIDE
Research and Strategy

Charlie Heidrick is the Research Manager for the Research and Strategy team at BI WORLDWIDE. Charlie’s research background includes the study of motivation, health, and performance. Central to his research is the thought that our behaviours are affected by many domains, such as personal, cultural, and social. Charlie used these principles to earn a Ph.D. from Colorado State University in Applied Social and Health Psychology while studying the health behaviour of Northern Colorado adults. Charlie brings research expertise and a curiosity about human behaviour to the Research and Strategy team at BI WORLDWIDE.

Lianne Jacobs, MPH

Product Analyst, Vitality Group

Lianne Jacobs is a product analyst on Vitality’s global product development team, where she serves as a central contributor to the scientific underpinnings of several key product initiatives and is the moderator of Vitality’s client webinar series. Lianne has a Master’s in Public Health from Yale University and attended Cornell University for her undergraduate degree. Prior to joining Vitality, she worked at both the Yale Cancer Centre and MD Anderson Cancer Centre designing, implementing and evaluating technology-based behavioural and lifestyle interventions.