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Oct 18, 2018 Vancouver, BC

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(October 18, 2018) - BI WORLDWIDE Canada (BIW), a global leader in sales performance, employee engagement, and employee rewards and recognition solutions, today announced its strategic alliance with INDOCHINO Apparel, Inc. (INDOCHINO). INDOCHINO is a global leader in made-to-measure apparel. It offers custom suits, shirts, and accessories.

BIW and INDOCHINO’s alliance enables our customers to reward recognition program participants with a made-to-measure suit experience by INDOCHINO from our Merchandise Marketplace and Experiences Marketplace, an unbeatable collection of ultra-motivating, ultra-customizable award options, with brands that fit every lifestyle.

This collaboration also creates a unique opportunity for INDOCHINO to identify new opportunities for growth, as well as, showcase its custom-made apparel to our client audience, particularly within the finance and automotive sector.

Valerie McCann, Director, E-commerce and Merchandise at BIW said, “BI WORLDWIDE Canada is excited to welcome INDOCHINO as the first custom-made apparel partner to join our Featured Partner Program. We are looking forward to seeing how INDOCHINO’s personalized shopping experience resonates with participants.”

Aly Habib, Director, Corporate Sales and Partnerships at INDOCHINO said, “INDOCHINO is thrilled to be featured on the rewards catalogue and we look forward to seeing the results.”


At BI WORLDWIDE, we inspire people and deliver measurable business results. Inspired employees solve problems and create value. Inspired salespeople take risks and seize opportunity. And inspired channel partners and customers choose your brand every time. We work with great companies around the globe who know that extraordinary results can only be achieved when their business is energized by the people who make it happen.


As the global leader in made-to-measure apparel, INDOCHINO has developed the shopping experience of the future. Born out of the belief that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe, INDOCHINO was the first company to disrupt the retail sector by making perfect-fitting, personalized apparel on a mass scale.

Customers take on the role of designer, picking out every minute detail of their suits and shirts to make them truly one-of-a-kind. These garments are made to their precise measurements and shipped directly to their door, hassle free. The company's omnichannel approach allows them to shop online or in person at any INDOCHINO showroom.