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SalesMaker: Sales Incentive Solution

SalesMaker is the most advanced incentive platform on the globe and it’s helping sales teams around the world achieve success. 

G6 Sales Incentive and Contest Platform

Powerful motivation delivered in a dynamic, intelligent solution.

SalesMaker is BI WORLDWIDE Canada’s sixth-generation incentive system. Capitalizing on exhaustive research and extensive field experience, SalesMaker features a wide variety of user-friendly apps that can be adapted to fit your unique business objectives.

Different than systems you’ve used before, SalesMaker utilizes a blend of goal selection, competition, and benchmarking to excite and engage your sales team. Participants can also test product knowledge, share best practices in discussion forums, celebrate successes, post best practices and communicate promotions. Results are proven and measurable.

Here’s what sets SalesMaker apart: 

  • Exclusive portfolio of proven contest solutions
  • Experienced team of contest design professionals
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Micro-targeted content that sparks—and keeps—user interest
  • Seamless onboarding and turn-key integration
  • AWS Cloud-first technology that’s plug-and-play ready and offers free upgrades
  • Local customer service (wherever you are, we’ve got a team nearby)

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