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Going for the Goal Gets Incredible Results

Jul 10, 2014

Written by: Tim Houlihan
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GoalQuest® is the only patented, pay-for-performance incentive program found in the industry today.





At BI WORLDWIDE Canada, we use the principles of behavioural economics to create the best engagement strategies on the planet. We work with expert academics who advise us on the latest research on human behaviour, engagement and decision-making. We use non-cash rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees and sales teams.

GoalQuest® is the only patented, pay-for-performance incentive program found in the industry today.

How GoalQuest works.

GoalQuest lets participants select their own goal level — each set exponentially higher than their current personal run rate. Choosing a goal, instead of having it chosen for them, empowers and engages participants. It allows them to identify their own idiosyncratic fit, the feeling that one holds a unique advantage in achieving a goal, making a sale, beating an opponent or completing a task.

The program also helps participants answer "yes" to these two questions, making them more likely to join and succeed in a specific program — and motivating middle performers to higher performance:

1. Do I believe I have an advantage over others in this program?

2. Are the rewards worth the effort?

BIWORLDWIDE has operated more than 700 GoalQuest programs for close to one million participants. Since 2001, our programs span all industries and channels — from direct sales to dealers, agents and call centers. Program results are used to build focused guidelines and best practices, which translates to more intuitive programs.

Give middle performers a lift.

A common issue with typical sales incentive programs that businesses use today is they only reward the top 10-20% of their audience and often ignore sales growth outside of that top segment. It's those middle-of-the-pack players, who offer huge sales growth potential, that often feel unmotivated because they see little chance of competing with top sellers.

GoalQuest only rewards those who grow their sales over past matter where they fall on the sales curve. It reaches and engages a larger portion of the sales population and increases incremental results from the sales incentive investment. And these stats prove it:

• 98.3% of direct channel participants select a goal

• 42% of participants select the highest goal

• 56% of GoalQuest participants exceed baseline

• Within 30 days and with 1,300 reps, a 28.8:1 average ROI

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Tim Houlihan at BI WORLDWIDE

Tim Houlihan

Vice President
Reward Systems Group

For more than 25 years Tim Houlihan has indulged his curiosities of human behavior in the workplace. He passionately pursues answers to questions such as “why do some people work harder than others?” and “why do some people set and achieve goals?” and acknowledges that behavioral economics holds excellent explanations for some of these mysteries. As the Vice President of Reward Systems at BIW, Tim is responsible for leading the development of innovative reward systems.He partners with academic colleagues from leading universities around the world and he is actively engaged with leaders in Fortune 1000 companies to develop solutions for the human side of business problems.

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