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Engaging the Unengaged – A Real Case Study

Written by: Tom Nash
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A telecommunications client needed our help to lift engagement and develop a culture of recognition, specifically the retail department. It was seen as a re-engagement strategy.


Manager and employee engagement and recognition activity continued to decline, impacting staff satisfaction, turnover, culture, and productivity.


We introduced a variety of employee engagement and recognition solutions using key behavioural economic principles and motivating rewards.   


  • 500% lift in recognitions.
  • The average daily logins increased by 300%.
  • 100% of managers frequently sent recognition.
  • The retail department became the top-performing department in unique recognitions sent.


We implemented a variety of solutions backed by behavioural science and research.

Behavioural Economics Principles


How it was utilized

Illusion Goal Theory

People change behaviour faster if you give them a head start.

Recognition Fast Start – first X recognitions sent, receive X Award Points.


Give people a positive feeling that they can win something if they do what they are asked to do.

Recognition Sweepstakes – every recognition sent equalled an entry in a draw to win Award Points.

Spotlight Effect

People simply don’t pay as much attention to you as you think they do.

Implemented vivid, tailored, and themed communications displaying their recognition performance and rankings frequently.

Hedonic Rewards

People do something because they will be rewarded for doing it.

Award Points allowed participants to redeem for pleasurable rewards of their choice via the Rewards Marketplace.


Empowering Managers

Managers were given the flexibility to publically recognize and reward employees at their own discretion not only via the platform issuing Awards Points, but also outside the platform using On The Spot cards which are branded physical cards pre-loaded with Award Points.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge in behavioural science ensured the initiatives proposed and implemented had a high chance of success.

Tom Nash

Account Development Director, BI WORLDWIDE Canada

Tom has over nine years of experience in account management across a range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, health, finance, insurance, government, retail, and sports. Joining the BIW team in 2015, he works with clients in planning, implementing, and managing effective programs that achieve measurable results.

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