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Financial Services: Customer Satisfaction

Discover how BI WORLDWIDE helped a leading bank improve customer satisfaction.


A leading bank approached BI WORLDWIDE to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. Their research firm could not give them the tools they needed to keep their customers from leaving at such high rates, but BI WORLDWIDE could.


Retain at risk customers through problem resolution and improve the quality of communication between the bank and its customers.


BI WORLDWIDE designed a phone survey program that called bank customers of high value. From customer satisfaction to issues that needed to be addressed, the survey allowed for immediate action to be taken. Bankers were notified of customers that were loyal to the bank, who were at risk of leaving, or those considering a new financial service. Information was then stored digitally, where managers could see the relationships between customers and their bankers, and help make improvements.


By actively following up with its at risk customers, the banks saved over $43 million in revenue across four program years. BI WORLDWIDE continues to enhance the program to meet the needs of the bank and its customers.

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