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Revolutionize your sales incentive strategy with games

Sales executives are always looking for ingenious ways to engage their teams.

Here are some of the most common scenarios we see:

  • My top sales performers are doing well, but they’re having trouble “moving the middle.”
  • Our brand new product just launched, but we haven’t had the fast start we were hoping for sales-wise.
  • Our salespeople turn up to work every day, but they just don’t seem motivated or fully engaged.

Disengagement in the workplace is a sure sign that those once passionate and energetic employees have entered the deep black hole of “Dreary World”. When this happens in a company setting, the culture becomes old, depressing, dry, and suffocating. Stress level is high, turnover is fast, and productivity is low. Nobody would want to stay a day in this kind of work environment.

Sales motivation is a tough nut to crack, but a happy sales team is more effective. Studies show that investing in happiness pays great dividends. A fun workplace environment changes the pattern by which our brain views work – that alone is mind-boggling.

To prove it further, an experiment conducted by the University of Warwick, found that activities that trigger excitement and happiness result in a 12 percent spike in employee productivity, raising sales by 37 percent, efficiency by 31 percent, and accuracy on tasks by 19 percent. Those are significant numbers! Not to mention the countless health benefits which are the most tangible measurement of wealth?

Not convinced yet? Here’s another fun fact. A two-decade-long study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Diego discovered that happiness is not only highly contagious but online communities may actually “magnify the intensity of global emotional synchrony”. Isn’t that force so powerful, it can literally move mountains? Shared happiness propels people to break barriers in communication, see the invisible, and accomplish the impossible.

One way to building a happy sales culture is to integrate games or game playing into your reward strategy. Not to be confused with gamification, but there’s also a place for gamification in sales incentives.

Our newest engagement strategy—Game Arcade—offers a simple, fast, and unique method to reward the outstanding performance of your sales teams.

How Game Arcade works:

  • Participants can earn game plays for performing or completing desired activities.
  • They’ll be notified of available plays through a Game Play email and a banner posted on their BI WORLDWIDE program website.
  • Each play has a winner and award levels are based on a pre-defined game payout matrix (so there are no budget surprises!)
  • Participants will earn points that can be redeemed for ultra-motivating, ultra-customizable reward options through our Experiences and Merchandise Marketplaces.
Learn how games are revolutionizing sales incentives with our full Game Arcade Guide. Download

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