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Move Beyond the Traditional Learning Management System with BIW

Even if you’re a seasoned learning and development professional, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices when considering buying or replacing a learning management system (LMS). After all, the LMS market is among the fastest-growing — and least well-defined — segments in human capital management software. The Inside Higher Ed estimates that the size of the LMS market ranges from $555 million to $5.2 billion.

According to Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 “Learning Technology Trends Survey”, 44 percent of companies that had learning technology said they were looking to replace their solution by 2018. The top reason for replacement was the need for a better user experience. Other factors that help explain LMS dissatisfaction include limited content types and formats, lack of vendor support, too many costly features no one uses, and learning that fails to go beyond skills and capabilities.

Whatever your reasons for considering replacing or buying your first LMS, you’re more likely to have a successful outcome if you move beyond the traditional LMS.

Moving Beyond the Traditional LMS

BI WORLDWIDE (BIW) is a global leader in learning and engagement.  We create custom learning solutions that inspire and sustain behaviour change – solutions that transform what people know, how they feel, and what they do.

Our dedicated learning subsidiary, Brainier, has been in the learning and development business for over 26 years. Brainier is an industry-leading provider of online learning management platforms included the award-winning Brainier Enterprise LMS and support.

The backbone of Brainier is a powerful database that provides connectivity and collaboration for all facets of the online learning experience. In addition, because of its custom-designed database, we can accommodate unique organizational structures and customize the learning experience. Brainier is proud to forge unique relationships with our customers. Our focus is to help our customers educate, engage, and empower their workforce. 

Our learning solutions fall into three broad categories:

1. Content that is creative, targeted, and interactive

Our custom learning ranges from conversion work to high-end simulations and games and includes all major learning delivery mediums:

  • eLearning: Using our Chameleon technology, we create highly engaging eLearning that’s optimized for tablet, smartphone, and PC – all packaged in a single course version. Then we give you control with our Course and Translations Editors.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT): Making the ILT experience engaging is our forte.
  • Workshops: We don’t just disseminate knowledge. We create interactive experiences that train and reinforce skills and behaviours.
  • Digital publications: We turn reference materials into interactive and multimedia learning experiences.
  • Video: BIW has its own onsite studio and full-time producers to augment any learning experience.
  • Learning games: We have been producing learning games for 20 years and can bring this engagement tool to bear on your learning needs.
  • Simulations: Simulations are “practice with real-world barriers”. We specialize both in live simulations and eLearning simulations.
  • Learning strategy: With scarce resources, focus is everything. We align learning to your business objectives through behaviour change and performance outcomes.

2. Environments that provide immersive learning experiences

Our learning environments engage learners in unique ways, putting learning in the context of their jobs or the end-customers environment.

  • Virtual reality: We can bring your learners to virtual environments, engaging them and providing context to the learning experience.
  • Meetings: It’s always best to meet face-to-face, but when you can’t, BIW can provide a virtual meeting that makes the experience effective and engaging with everything from hi-def general session to workshops with small group breakouts and even teachbacks.
  • Learning portals: BIW designs for your users and your brand. The result is fresh, engaging, and creative learning environments that make content easy to find, then measure and report effectively.

3. Delivery at the point of need; anytime, anywhere

Whether learning delivery targets desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, BIW has learning platforms that are configurable to your needs.

  • iPad: BIW has multiple distinct iPad learning solutions that maximize the impact of this accessible learning tool.
  • Other tablets and smartphones: BIW has been delivering learning to these devices since their inception. Chameleon allows us to create eLearning once; that is optimized for tablet, PC, Mac, Linux, and smartphones.
  • EduMarketing: Our Learning eXchange product (LeX) educates and informs with audience-smart content – regardless of their device.
  • Social learning: Informal learning plays a dominant, but overlooked role in corporate learning. Our social learning incorporates personal profile pages, blogs, forums, discussion threads, and gamification to drive engagement.

Specialty Learning Management Solutions

BIW brings discrete learning management solutions when your corporate LMS can’t fill the need for a specific internal or external audience.

Learning snacks: Today’s learner is distracted, overwhelmed, impatient, demanding, and untethered. So we design “learning snacks” that deliver small bits of information learners crave. These hyper-focused topics are available at the point of need. Any device. Any language. Anytime. The result is an engaging, memorable and “organically” individualized learning experience.

Gamification: Designed right, game mechanics propel engagement and participation to new levels. Our gamification engages learners to start, finish, and excel at learning – and on-the-job performance.

Progression of Learning and Engagement (PLE): Our PLE solution is a campaign of learning and engagement that runs before, during, and after a live learning event. The PLE accelerates performance while measuring what learners know, how they feel, and what they can do.

Onboarding: BIW uses our PLE experience to build onboarding solutions that create results. Based on industry best practices as well as our own research, one recent onboarding project has the new hires out-performing veterans by 26 percent – in the first 90 days!

SkillFitness™: Too often, practice is an overlooked part of any learning solution. SkillFitness is a mobile practice platform used to build skills. By integrating tools such as two-way asynchronous video, social learning models, and gamification, SkillFitness enables a better way to practice. The virtual role-playing results in better retention, proven skills development, and energized learners.

Proven Learning Provider

BIW has delivered custom learning solutions for 30 years and our learning customer list includes over 300 of the Global 2000. Their satisfaction rating of over 9 of 10 testifies to the success of our learning solutions. In fact, we design and deliver learning for 9 of the world’s 20 most valuable brands, as ranked by Forbes.

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