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INDOCHINO Suits Available on BI WORLDWIDE’s Experiences Marketplace

The made-to-measure suit movement in Canada has gone mainstream. In a day and age where modern city life is as fast as it gets, the demand for quick and painless—yet idiosyncratic and well-fitting apparel is high.

As experts in the employee engagement, rewards, and incentives industry, we’ve learned that if you want your employees to go above and beyond, you’ve got to motivate them with a high-quality incentive. 

Put quality merchandise on display

Top performers crave more than static, transactional rewards. Your team will always be motivated to earn luxury merchandise, but when it comes to rewarding the best of the best, an unceremonious arrival of a one-size-fits-all gift can make their year-long dedication suddenly seem fleeting.

Today, we announced the availability of INDOCHINO apparel on our Merchandise and Experiences Marketplace. INDOCHINO is the global leader in made-to-measure apparel, specializing in custom-made suits, shirts, and accessories.

BI WORLDWIDE Canada and INDOCHINO’s alliance enables our customers to reward recognition program participants with a made-to-measure suit experience by INDOCHINO from our Rewards Marketplace—a curated, international offering of products aimed at motivating and inspiring your audience. These are the items on your wish list you’d find hard to justify buying for yourself. The Marketplace is designed for high sociability (it’s easier—and less awkward—to show off your new made-to-measure suit than a cash bonus.)

For example, this alliance will allow David from sales to earn a seasonal or premium made-to-measure suit for crushing his sales targets. Or Wei in finance can earn any three premium made-to-measure shirts—a staple in every wardrobe—for reaching his individually relevant and self-selected goals.

We are excited to feature INDOCHINO on our Rewards Marketplace. Out of respect for strong suiting traditions, INDOCHINO takes the best of the classics and reinvents them for the men of today. In addition to being custom-made to the client’s unique measurements and specifications, INDOCHINO suits are built with top quality components and thoughtful construction.

Shop the INDOCHINO showcase

A visit to an INDOCHINO showroom takes the excitement of luxury merchandise and complements it with a high-touch, enjoyable experience that leverages the power of choice.

INDOCHINO customers are paired with a style guide who tailors the appointment based on their needs and help them to build their one-of-a-kind suit or shirt. Style guides take measurements, assist with fabric selection, and walk shoppers through personalization options, including pockets, lapels, and monograms. 

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