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BI WORLDWIDE Announces Decision Sciences Group

Oct 05, 2017

The digital decade and related technologies have enhanced the efficiency of businesses to a large extent. More and more businesses are relying on analytics and decision sciences to take key strategic decisions across all facets of business.

BI WORLDWIDE’s (BIW) headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, recently expanded its organizational structure with the addition of its new Decision Sciences Group. This expansion transpired after the decision to deliver a proactive and innovative approach to enhance the customer experience within BIW’s growing number of clients in the North American market.

BIW already has a division focusing on analytics and insights — in fact, Gary Hansen, BI WORLDWIDE’s Chief Operating Officer, said the Decision Sciences Group was created to provide a greater focus on leveraging data and analytics to drive sales of core services such as rewards, communications, training, and measurement to existing and prospective clients.

To provide those metrics, BIW is drawing on several members of its former TSG Analytics and Insights team. This new team will work across the company, with Barry Danielson leading as Division Vice President of TSG Analytics and Insights.

Hansen also said, “Over the past several years, BIW has made significant strides in our program reporting and dashboarding capabilities. We have also begun to leverage data as a competitive advantage through analytics. We will continue to identify ways to differentiate ourselves from competitors, enhance our value, and prove our credibility to existing and potential customers.”

Decision Sciences will work across the company to build BIW’s value proposition, level of credibility, and differentiation from competitors. The Group will also conduct research to gather additional data to help address client business and performance issues.  


BI WORLDWIDE is a global engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioural economics to produce measurable results for its clients by driving and sustaining engagement with their employees, channel partners, and customers. Supporting 140 countries through seven global headquarters and operating in 22 languages, BIW continues to bring best in class solutions to its global, regional, and local customers.