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Change the Way Your Employees Learn with Immersive Learning

There’s this “new” trend in the learning industry called immersive learning or experiential learning. Immersive learning replaces the traditional with compelling and unique learning environments.

Immersive learning has been around for more than half a century, but was recently relegated to leadership development and team building.

There are a few leading minds in the learning industry that have been looking over the last five years at what experiential marketing has been doing and the innovations it comprises.  

By marrying innovations from experiential marketing within the theory and practice of the old immersive learning you come out with something entirely brand new that’s different, that’s truly engaging, that gets people up and out of their seats, emotionally grabs them, and has them do things rather than the ubiquitous death by PowerPoint.

Break the mould

Forget business as usual. Immersive environments are inspiring and so distinctive that they immediately heighten a learner’s senses and engage the brain in a unique way. BIW designs and creates immersive learning experiences specifically for your audience and your needs. Then we stand by your side, delivering flawlessly.

Transform attitudes

Great learning changes what people know, feel, and do. Immersive learning targets “feel” as much as “know” and “do.” It changes attitudes on a gut level. Learners make emotional connections that transform their attitudes toward your content, your brand, and even your customers.

Make it stick

Win their heads and you get momentary agreement. Win their hearts and you make it stick. Immersive learning makes training stick by reinforcing learning content with heart-level storytelling. It becomes vivid – which imprints your content in the learner’s memory.

Change behaviour

PowerPoint doesn’t change behaviour. Traditional workshops don’t transform attitudes. These solutions leave the bulk of behaviour change on the table. Behavioural economics reveals that change is driven by emotions over 77% of the time. Immersive learning engages your audience's emotions – and leads to the critical internal decision to change behaviour.

Case study

A global pharmaceutical company wanted to immerse their global marketers and trainers in the patient experience for a new drug. BIW created an immersive experience telling the story of one patient and their family from incident at home during dinner, to the hospital, through treatment, and back home to a family event.

The solution consisted of four stations with photo-realistic backdrops, theatrical set props, and video storytelling. To imprint even more effectively, BIW added olfactory smells as a part of the experience at each station.

Learners reported a double-digit increase in retention, confidence, and understanding. They also overwhelmingly preferred immersive learning to traditional training.

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